How much is the grooving production line? The price depends on the configuration



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Many customers will ask "how much is the grooving production line" when consulting the pipe grooving production line, but many manufacturers can’t give exact prices. Why? Victaulic-Tuwei will help you to take a detailed analysis of the reason .


What is your demand?

In fact, buying equipment is similar to buying a car. The first thing to consider is functionality, clarify it is used to pick up the goods or carry people. Then choose the appropriate model based on your needs.  The same is true for purchasing a grooving production line , you should consider the demand by clarifying  the pipe diameter and length,  groove standards, processing requirements, etc. The price of a grooving production line varies by capacity. In addition, if there is a large number of pipes to be grooved, you can choose a multi-station grooving production line, otherwise you can choose a single-station grooving production line.



How to configure grooving production line?

The grooving line, firstly considers the diameter, wall thickness and length of the pipe, which determines the capacity of the grooving production line as well as the length and width of the line. The higher capacity and configuration it has, the more expensive it is; the larger dimension it has, the more expensive it is.

The quality varies by manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of production lines on the market, and the technical capabilities and parts configuration of each manufacturer are different, resulting in great differences in the performance. If there is a large quotation gap between the manufacturers, it is recommended to conduct an factory audit and make a decision by comparing the grooving effect and work efficiency.



How to purchase a pipe grooving production line?

Purchasing a grooving production line depends not only on the price, but also on the manufacturer's technical ability, product quality and after-sales service. When customers buy steel pipe grooving production lines, they must do more understanding and comparison.

Victaulic-Tuwei company has been deeply involved in the pipe tools industry, and has developed a variety of grooving production lines to meet different scenarios. If you have the needs of grooving production lines, welcome to contact us for more information.


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