How to make hole on fire-fighting pipes? How to install mechanical tee and mechanical cross?



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When laying fire-fighting pipes, mechanical tees and mechanical crosses are often required to connect branch pipes. During installation, you should make holes with hole cutting machine firstly, then install branch pipe. The operation steps are as follows:

Steps of using hole cutting machine:

(1)Assemble suitable hole saw and matched center drill according to the demand.
(2)Install the hole saw assembly to the chuck then lock it.
(3)Put the machine on the pipe then fix it with chain.
(4)Plug the power, turn on the switch.

(5)If there is multi speed, choose the suitable rotating speed according to the pipe material.
(6)Rotate the handle slowly, tap a location hole with center drill at first. Then make hole.
(7)Add coolant to the saw during operation to extend its service life significantly.
(8)Turn off switch, loosen the chain and remove the machine.
(9)Remove iron filings around the hole, measure the hole size.
(10)If there is burr in the holes, polish it with a grinder in time.

Pipe holing notices:


(1) The specifications of the hole saw should match the nominal diameter of the branch pipe;
(2) The hole should be on the centerline of the pipe;
(3)The hole should be free of burrs and the area 3cm away from the hole should be smooth and clean.

Steps of Installing mechanical tee or mechanical cross:


(1)Check the hole again to make sure that the hole size is correct, the hole should be smooth with no burr around the hole.
(2)Apply lubricant to the rubber seal ring, and then put it into the mechanical tee or mechanical cross seal groove
(3)Alignone joint of mechanical tee or mechanical cross with the center of the hole, then close the other half of the joint;
(4) Press the the joint by hand, put the bolt on the screw hole, and tighten nuts.


Notices during installation:

(1) The clearance between mechanical tee or mechanical cross, rubber seal ring and hole shall be uniform;
(2) Bolts shall be completely firm;
(3)Branch pipe shall be perpendicular to main pipe;
(4) Mechanical tee should be free from distortion;
(5)When installing the branch pipe coupling, the rubber sealing ring should not be wrinkled


The above are the  steps of using hole cutting machine  and installing mechanical tee or mechanical cross. Victualic-Tuwei is committed to developing and manufacturing the quick connection tools of pipelines. Our major products are roll grooving machines, pipe cutting machines, hole cutting machines, pipe threading machines, if you have any needs about pipe tools, welcome to contact us for more exchanges.


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